Thursday, May 31, 2007

|:| We'll sleep when we're dead |:|

Never a more true statement made Lionel.

Sixpack are at it again and again and again. This time hooking
up with audio chums Institubes for a show on Saturday
(2nd June) in Studio 88 (Aix De Provence)with Bombo, Das Glow
and Chicago's own DJ Funk. Oh yes.
France will be pumpin it up for sure!

|:| Universality |:|

A new exhibition by :Phunk Studio. Not really close for
me to check but it might be close to you.

|:| Mytype #1 |:|

Juanita Stein - ouch!

*There you go Miss Sawers*

|:| Hey, winners! |:|

Bobby Conn is just pure fire in my book, so many good
tunes, so little exposure. Just go check him out a wee bit.

|:| Check the Technik |:|

Is it me or are Audi making some really beautiful adverts
right now?
First this for the TT, and now this for the A5.

|:| Lace up slip-ons |:|

Marc Jacobs x Vans. That is all.

Monday, May 28, 2007

|:| New Balance Store Editions |:|

New Balance have just released some colourways to
represent stores such as 7-Eleven, ampm and Familymart
in Japan. I dunno what to think of the influence for these
kicks (plus I think maybe BApe did similar) but whatever
New Balance make comfy shoes so you might like them.

Expect Spar, AllDays, Morning, Noon and Night editions
soon. I'm going to dig out my old 87s in William Low colours.

|:| Map Of Africa |:|

Best band out right now!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

|:| Now I am the master |:|

66 artists x 66 Darth Vader helmets = The Vader Project.

|:| Brazilliant |:|

My friend Tommy is off to Sao Paulo to record some artisits
for Trocabrahma. It's looks like a nice gig.
I'm looking forward to the return jaunt with the lovely (but
foul-mouthed) Amanda Blank, Os Mutantes, JD Twitch,
Bonde Do Role, Radioclit and Diplo. who play in Glasgow
on Sunday 29th July.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

|:| Fresh desk |:|

This amazing desk is nothing but a puzzle!

|:| You got this Insa medium? |:|

Yes that pretty awful title was to tell you that Insa (another
personal favourite) has a couple new T's up on his site.
One for men and one for the laydees.
100 of each so no snoozing!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

|:| Tres Bien |:|

The excellant French publication Clark Magazine has a
new issue out with a superb cover by Steven Harrington.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

|:| 1 Day 23 Hours 8 Minutes 34 Seconds |:|

The time the countdown for the Opus by Zenum has to
go as I started typing this.
The Swiss certainly know what they are doing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

|:| Writing on the wall |:|

Just got this and some handy advice from Elph.
Cheers, 'tis nice.

Also painting were Derm and Skore.

|:| Future Antiques |:|

Steve next to me at work just hooked these up.
Sweet packaging and pretty slick in general.
I was never even really in Transformers but
they look slick as robots or as the Nike Free 7.0's.

I doubt any kids will see any of these toys.

*| Optimus Prime [Convoy] is pictured |*

|:| Design of the times |:|

As part of Six Cities, The Scottish Show starts on Thursday
17th May until 12th August in The Lighthouse in Glasgow.
I'm not gonna rattle off a list of people involved so just have
a look at the site and see whats going on.

Entry is also free so no excuses.

Does Six Cities have a mailout?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

|:| It Is Together |:|

Lionel over at Sixpack has teamed up with Royal Cheese
in Paris to host an exhibition by Swedish born Karl Grandin.
It's on until 10th June at Royal Cheese, 24 rue Tiquetonne,
75002 Paris.

|:| From A-Town to your town |:|

Get Crunk'd up! Make of it what you will.

*| Pic is Lil Jon in school |*

|:| Whiter than White |:|

The new site by Dave White is worth a looksee.
He's also got gelskins for Powerbooks out too.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

|:| SheOne x Snafu Magazine |:|

Yes, SheOne [rG™] vs Snafu Magazine.
A sneak preview.

|:| Analogue x Nigel Peake |:|

Russell and Julie at Analogue have a new exhibition this
month by Nigel Peake called "Because Everything Is Made
From Something Small".
It runs from 25th May – 23rd June and the preview is on
Thursday 24th May 2007 from 7pm – 9pm.
Worth a peek, oh that was terrible. I apologise.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

|:| My Radio believe me I like it loud |:|

A'La Fu, El Barrios and the Notorious P.I.G present Radio Skool
every Wednesday from 8-10pm on SHMU in the A-Deen.
Chiggity check it out!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

|:| Still Life? |:|

Create your own art with fruit. Thrink about it.

Monday, May 7, 2007

|:| More Rockers Rock |:|

O.Two of the RockGroup™ has a slick site but it seems
to be on the update right now so check here for updates.
His style is ulrtaslick!

|:| In This Day |:|

The very fine Format Magazine has a good interview with
Jamel Shabazz. That's it, go read.
Oh yes one last thing, they also have a Domino interview.
I'm off to dig out "Fear Itself" by Casual!

"Aloof type fella helluva guy
I love myself and my high.. with finks)"

|:| The Graffitti Project |:|

The Scotland On Sunday reported on the Graffiti Project
so go check it out. It's part of Six Cities and it is nice to
get people like OS Gemeos over but I have to say it would have
been nice to see some homegrown writers involved too I feel.

|:| Oh so smuuuv |:|

If you're in the 'burgh and around the Grassmarket area
stick your head into Hula and hook yourself up a nice
wee juice or some tasty munch.

|:| A monkey provided the glue |:|

- Sunday 24th June
- Glasgow Carling Academy
- Who's going?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

|:| G®T Traffic Report - A visual fly-over |:|

Hello to you all. Well I have moved jobs and settled in
and now moved pads (tata to Balgreen Mansions, hello
to Beaverbank Villas) so there has not been too much noise
from the traffic of late so here is a wee round up of treats.
Some old, some new but all should be worth a moment of
your time for a little peek.
Let's see what on-coming. Peep peep!

|:| Perhaps here, things will be differant |:|

Well here's one of the reasons I've been busy but the work
is good and I am sure many of you have seen this already but
f not have a shoofty at the new GTA trailer. Looking nice huh?

|:| Just a lil prick |:|

Well I have replenished the stock of badges at Analogue
and I have a very limited ammount left so if you want any
let me know.
Soon I will also be updating the site with some new works too.

|:| Snafu Magazine Release 12 |:|

There is a brand new Snafu Magazine out.
It features all sorts of antics as well as the work of the
super talented Steven Harrington. Cheers Steven.

|:| Extra Parralific |:|

A former magazine contributor Parra is everywhere right
now. And no wonder, he is wicked!

|:| Always Rocking |:|

She One and the RockGroup™ crew are probably my
favourite artists and it's nice to see a new updated
site right here.

|:| [D]ope [P]roduced [M]agazine |:|

Well Martin and co at Streetwear Today have an new issue
out and amongst other fine articles it has a feature interview
with Hardy Blechman of Maharishi.
Analogue stock it in Scotland.

|:| Another Escapade |:|

With a seamless link MHI have teamed up with Futura
to produce FHI. Usual F2T styles and outlets will carry
it. I like the white hoody!

|:| So Fresh, So Clean |:|

Rick Klotz and Freshjive have always made some slick
garments and Klotz has never been the retiring kind of
character and there's a few decent interviews with him
recently some you can find off the FJ site as well as the
some of their advert history. It just reminds me of the
lovely ladies in the Big Brother ads.

|:| To The B.E.A.T y'all |:|

Saw this unfinished a while back and it is just plain sick!
SoMe and Justice go togethor like TWBA and GMc........
Which leads nicely to...

|:| Pure gold |:|

Now I know I meant to put this out in my emails but what can
I say, it's been a busy time.
Anyway if you have not already seen this video for The Whitest
Boy Alive
then click here. Geoff McFetridge kills it once again.

|:| A Rocco docco |:|

No matter what you think of him Steve Rocco did help define
the path of skateboarding through numerous ventures and
Soon come is "The Man Who Soled The World" a film about
him and what he did so look out for it.
The list of players is worth it alone.

|:| BS Chalkslide |:|

Just in case you might forget about the Roccomentury why not
buy one of these chalkboard decks and keep a constant note.

|:| Real rock |:|

A couple weeks ago Stussy released a book of photography by
Josh Cheuse entitled "Rockers Galore". It is dope.
Go find...

|:| May the post be with you |:|

These have to be the freshest post boxes ever!
The United States Postal Service created these R2D2 post boxes to
celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversay.

|:| Come away with you... |:|

I'm totally into ambigrams and this is pretty slick from the good people
at Suck UK.

|:| Food, it puts me in a good mood |:|

I can manage to do some damage to a sandwich, marshmallows,
peanut butter and bananas and a big plate of gnocci if I'm lucky
with pitta bread
Feed me a fajita, or else a burrito instead.

Oh yes food, my friend Gemma has a nice cookery site and I tell
you she is a demon in the kitchen! Chiggity check it!