Saturday, June 30, 2007

|:| Learning new words |:|

Martin and crew have a new Streetwear Today out and
the cover feature is with Futura.
They also have a new layout and you should be able to
hook it up from Analogue.

Friday, June 29, 2007

|:| Turntable Kittens |:|

The very slick Noah Butkus has some pics from his show
at TurntableLab in LA. Nice as ever sir.

|:| Mytype #5 |:|

Rosario Dawson - awww she's puurrrdee.

|:| Looking for that special someone |:|

Well everyone's hard work is looking good at work as we
have trailer 2 out now. Tis a beauty huh.

|:| Finger Discount |:|

It's certainly exhibition time and here we have the talented
Ruefive with a show in Stirling called "Finger Discount".
It's in The Changing Rooms and the opening is this Thursday
the 5th July.

|:| In The Future.... |:|

....we still break.
That's new exhibiton by Matt aka Culprit which launched
at Hula and is well worth a peek, plus you can get some
food too!

|:| Everyone x everyone |:|

Here is another _ _ _ _ _ _x_ _ _ _ _ _x_ _ _ _ _ _x
_ _ _ _ _ _ x_ _ _ _ _ _x_ _ _ _ _ _ collabo.
This time Vans x The Simpsons x the usual suspects.
I guess it's cool but I can almost also guess what all
these kicks will look like.
No point even linking, these won't be getting got easily.

*I wonder who the new breed will be?*

Thursday, June 21, 2007

|:| Have fun..... |:|

G O S K A T E ! ! !

Sunday, June 17, 2007

|:| Ankle injury |:|

Brighton based group Fujiya & Miyagi have a new video
by Factory Films and it's sick.
The style reminds of the Gondry work for the White
Stripes but idea and execution is sweet.

|:| Oh sew fresh |:|

These glasses can be made so much doper than having a
big Gucci/Chanel/Fendi/Miu Miu/etc/etc logo on them.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

|:| Analogue x Yokoland |:|

Russell and Julie have another exhibition on the
horizon (has it really been a month).
This time it features Norwegian collective Yokoland
called Under The Bush and it runs in Analogue from
29th June - 28th July with the preview boozaschmooz
on the 28th.
Check it.

|:| CTRL X CTRL V |:|

Loz gave me a wee note of the new Cut & Paste recently
but now the call for entries to each city are out so check
out the site and see if you fancy it.

*Hope the Sydney one goes well laydee*

|:| Fantastic Plastic |:|

Stackable plastic charis never looked so slick, courtesy
of Dirk Winkel.

|:| Cold War Games |:|

Wired has a nice section called The Lost Arcade Games
Of The Soviet Union
. I needn't explain further huh.
My favourite is Magistral!

|:| Mytype #4 |:|

Kianna Alarid - cutie.

*Airplane blonde so still fits the bill Sawers*

|:| Hazy shade of winter |:|

I'm pleased that there are new Haze products out and
about so it's also good to see the main man himself
getting interviewed at LTD Magazine.
(Although I found their website a bit of a nightmare).

|:| Lunchin Munchin #2 |:|

Broughton Deli
Gemma first informed me of it, then Eddie and Andy
mentioned it so I lunched and it was great.
Any crêpe that involves Mull Cheddar is gonna rock it.
Plus it's only five minutes from work and home on Barony
Street just off Broughton Street.

|:| Lunchin Munchin #1 |:|

Well it has finally happened the new Earl Of Sandwich
has opened in The Green in Aberdeen so you can now
lounge and listen to the varying degrees of music quality
being played (Kit may let the side down) as well as eat
some goodies. Plus they open late now too.

Monday, June 11, 2007

|:| Seating treats |:|

In the studio we have these which are sick but for the
style you can't beat the above from Vitra. Slickitty slick.

*Is it ok to be hyped on a chair - of course it is*

|:| Filament |:|

A new show at The Lazy Dog in Paris of works by Russell
in conjunction with the hardest working man in
. It's lively from the 14th of June so no sleeping.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

|:| There's no I in team |:|

Issue 3 of One Nine Nine is out and once again has some
pretty great contributors. Go find.

|:| Mario mouse |:|

A Super Mario mouse anyone?
Well if you like it get yersel over to Kid Robot.

|:| Mytype #3 |:|

Kid Sister - aaaaawwwwwwwwwwww.......

|:| Fixit |:|

Fixed gear cycling is all the rage these days it seems or
at least has been getting a lot more coverage anyway.
These two ladies show what you can really do on one
of these bikes and it's pretty impressive.
I'd suggest turning the sound off though.
*KC and Fi, your D.O.B ladies better get training!*

Thursday, June 7, 2007

|:| Companion |:|

Ok so every site seems to be mentioning the new 4ft
Companion by Kaws and his Original Fake output but
when you actually see them full size they look so slick.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

|:| Dans Le PC World |:|

If you see the new PC World (no links for them) advert
and watch the TV close you'll see one of the prominet
album sleeves is the latest TTC lp.
Good work.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

|:| Slick lacing |:|

Let Ian show you the way to lace yer kicks!

|:| Mytype #2 |:|

Of course it's Chan. I rekon she's probably #1 actually.

|:| What would you do? |:|

The second release of "If you could do anything tomorrow,
what would it be?
" is available for pre-order.
Listing the contributors would be some task so just go on
the website and hook yourself up a copy.

|:| Spotted |:|

The new site by the good guys at Trainerspotter has been
unleashed on the world with an online store.

|:| Justees |:|

Well it was obviously gonna happen but six of the tee's
designs for the amazing new Justice video will be for sale
from Colette and Sold Out tomorrow.