Tuesday, July 24, 2007

|:| Barakids |:|

Kid has 'tude!

|:| Mytype #9 |:|

Keeping it modelicious.

|:| Simpsons marketing is just Bazaar |:|

Marketing the Simpsons must be a dream, I mean who's
gonna knock back being down with them.
So after using the cream of the hipstartists with Vans they
go high end and get Harper's Bazaar involved with a fashion
spread as Linda Evangelista takes them around Paris.
All big wigs are involved but Homer looks fly as Lagerfeld's
protégé huh?

*None of them need links.*

|:| Complimentary |:|

Russell and Julie have another fine show on again with the
talented people at Microbo and BO130.
It runs from 3rd August until 1st September and shameless
booze sponges might wanna get up in the preview night on
Thursday 2nd August. I'll see you then haha.
They will also be releasing a new Running Amok to coincide.
This leads nicely to.....

|:| Bunny luv |:|

Analogue favourites Kozyndan are interviewed in the ever
grand Format Magazine.
Check it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

|:| Snafu Magazine Release 13 |:|

Well Snafu Magazine 13 is out and about now so go
and seek it out. I'm still so gracious of the people who
are into it and up for being involved (well in the arts
section I do anyway).
So a massive thanks again to SheOne for being down.
While you're at it go check his HS blog for images of his
latest works in Belgium.

|:| Poosac |:|

I dunno how Kim at work manages to find time to mother
these cool little guys but once they are out there they sure
get about. Poosacs like to travel.

* My favourite above, Sgt. Big Potatoes.*

|:| Mytype #8 |:|

Nice smile.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

|:| Echochrome |:|

"possibly the least graphics and most gameplay of any title
you are going to see this week" - Only this week?
Like most computer games I'm not too phased about playing
them but I rekon I could watch this for a while.

|:| Scribbling on sneaks |:|

A nice creative shoe design by Onitsuka Tiger called
Rakugaki Pack. Not sure if I'd wear them myself but I
like the idea.

|:| Zero Hour |:|

Steve sent me a link to a nice little vid of Aberdeen native
John Rattray skating at the Black Box Skatepark.

* That third trick is super nice, well that and the other nine *

|:| The real Skins |:|

Well being a bit under the weather does mean you miss
a show by The Magnificents and 7vwwvw but it does mean
you finally get round to watching This Is England, another
superb cinematic experience by Shane Meadows.
The casting, look, feel, subject matter and of course soundtrack
are once again spot on.

|:| Mytype #7 |:|


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

|:| Ship Ahoy |:|

Is it me or is this boat one of the slickest means of transport
ever? Or sickest if you ain't brought your sea legs, although
it does claim to not cause that.

|:| You need Focus |:|

Did I mention Focus had updated their site? I should have.
The image above is by Fos for Focus, there are many
others too on the site, have a peek.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

|:| A title |:|

Martin and crew have a new "Untitled 2 " out and it looks
a nice as ever. Go hunting.

|:| Mytype #6 (Special Edition) |:|

The above image is a special as ::

A. It breaks the Mytype mould
B. It's from a selection from style site Tinker, Tailor, Soldier,
which is not only right up there in street styles battle
royale Street Clash but also shows how much steezo there
is in our fair country, well Glasgow at least.
Like we didn't alreadty know, but good it's being documented.

* Sawers had the drop on this one. *

|:| Liquid Liquid |:|

Diesel + Dvein + Vizoo = amazing.
This catwalk show is so sick.

|:| Blaggit |:|

Blag have a nice video preview with José Parlá and Futura
for their new show at Elms Lester in London.
I have it on good grounds that this show will be dope.
Jealous I canna be there but hey ho, my famalia call.

Monday, July 2, 2007

|:| Who loves the Kwik-E-Mart.... |:|

....I do!
Some sweet marketing work by The Simpsons and 7-Eleven.
Even down to a frozen Jasper in the chiller cabinet.
Check it oooot.

|:| Mytype #6 |:|

She can still do the doo.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

|:| Fiddy Fiddy |:|

No more complaints about duvet space anymore.