Sunday, September 30, 2007

|:| Compact Disc |:|

I like these. CDs in a 3.5" Disc format.

|:| De-sign |:|

Stabilo make a nice advert for their classic highlighters.

Friday, September 28, 2007

|:| It Rises |:|

Julie not only handles business at Analogue but now her
new print project, Early Griffin Press has launched and
splendid it is too. The first run of editions feature Nigel Peake,
Supermundane and Zakee Shariff. Check it and cheque out.

|:| Return Of The Matt |:|

Matt Sewell is a nice guy and his works are really nice too
as you can see on his nice new site. Nice eh?

|:| [ Callibrating Delinquency ] |:|

The recent show by O.Two and SheOne gets some online
coverage for those who missed it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

|:| Who Me? |:|

From what I've been reading MF Doom's live show recently
have been faking the funk. Surely not.
*No links*

|:| The Last Drop |:|

Well the last club night of the mighty I Fly Spitfires is set
to take off on Thursday 4th October in Cabaret Voltaire.
The final club flight features Chutes, Adam Gnade, Youthmovies,
and a headline set from Brighton duo (complete with a future Mytype),
Blood Red Shoes. They did well last time (ill girls on stage are endearing)
so this fully fit show should be grand. Check it out.

|:| Trocabrahma |:|

Radio Magnetic have launched the podcasts from the
recent Trocabrahma event which had all sorts of musical
involvement with everyone from Amanda Blank and King
Creosote to Os Mutantes and Bonde Do Role.
It's hosted by Diplo and you can hook them up here.

|:| A Super Dark Furry Animal |:|

I'm a big Super Furry Animals fan and Garth Marenghi’s
Dark Place
was blinding too so add the pair and you get
the new SFA video, "Run Away".
It stars Matt Berry and directed by Richard Ayoade.

|:| Mytype #15 |:|

Nothing else to say.

Friday, September 14, 2007

|:| Reventón |:|

The new Lamborghini - pretty sharp.

|:| Bombs Away |:|

I Fly Spitfires have Foals playing at Cabaret Voltaire on
Monday 24th September.
I do believe the flyer is quite nice too.

|:| Mytype #14 |:|

The real Soprano.

|:| If You Can't Beat Them... |:|

Well after givin them a mouthful a year or so back it seems
Kanye West can't get enough of Ed Banger and that electro
sound, even visually. His new track "The Good Life" has a
So_Me video. I like his style but the style is so defined it
anyone else having it just looks like their jumping on.

*Find it yerslef*

|:| MiTunes #3 |:|

1. The Black Keys - "When The Lights Go Out"
2. Clinic - "Voodoo Wop"
3. Daft Punk - "Funk Ad"
4. Federation - "Go To Work"
5. Foals - "Astronauts And All"

Monday, September 10, 2007

|:| rockGroup™-in It |:|

Aerosol blacksmiths sheOne and O.Two of the rockGroup
have a new combination show called [ Callibrating Delinquency ]
which launches 15th September as part of Designers Block.
It will definitely be tasty and there are also separate shows by
a host of super talents, too many to mention so check out the site.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

|:| Touching From A Distance |:|

The new Anton Corbijn film "Control" will be worth a
watch I'm sure. I missed it during the festival but will
make a mends soon.

|:| Mytype #13 |:|

Lucky 13th Foxxx!

|:| Life Moves Pretty Fast |:|

Never a more true statement.
Recently, well mostly, I have been working like a dawg and
so both this and my G®T site have taken a wee backseat so
it is possibly irony which leads to the first lookout being
about a sequel to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Another Day Off!
No John Hughes makes me anxious.