Sunday, November 25, 2007

|:| One Man Army |:|

Mike Leavitt has more troops in his Art Army.
Above is Sam Flores (sold).

Monday, November 19, 2007

|:| Blinding |:|

Parisian good guys The Lazy Dog have another splendid
show on the horizon with current French hot property So_Me.
It's on from 22nd November until January 26th.
Worth a visit for sure.

|:| A Wee Presentation |:|

The incredibly splendid Tiny Showcase just gets bigger
and bigger.

|:| MiTunes #5 |:|

1. Hudson Mo - "DrumsVolumeOne"
2. Grizzly Bear - "Alligator"
3. The Knife - "Girls Night Out"
4. Architecture In Helsinki - "Debbie"
5. Misfits - "Hollywood Babylon"

Saturday, November 17, 2007

|:| Pushing Buttons |:|

Nice one to Martin and co for another sterling edition of
the ever fine Streetwear Today. Too many features to list
so go hunt it down.

|:| Streets Of Fire |:|

I rekon anyone who has ever skated through the streets
owes a little something to Natas Kaupas, so take a half hour to
watch this video and realise his influence.

|:| Dix Ans |:|

The new book "Resumé" is out soon to celebrate ten
years of French finery from skateboard supremo's Cliché.

|:| High Rollers |:|

The new toy from Bodé Broad and Insa.
Yea that's right it's based on Darlene.

|:| Getting Over |:|

I've been a Stephen Powers/ESPO fan for a good while now
and jealous of all the Philadelphia residents who can go
check his new show at PAFA. The rest of us will have to settle
for the new issue of Juxtapoz.

|:| Mytype #18 |:|

No Sons, just Daughters.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

|:| Little Pricks |:|

Great artists - check!
Great badges - check!

Hmm, it must be Buzzworks.

|:|Take To The Woods |:|

My favourite art shows happen in Analogue, no not just
to do with with Russell and Julie's generosity with the
refreshments but it's always just good people there, nice
works on display and the friendliest curators in town.
Anyways the last of them is called "Take To The Woods"
and the list of people involved is too massive to put down
(you'd be clicking links all day I tell you) but it's full of treats
for sure.
Its on from 16th November ­– 15th December 2007 with the
preview on Thursday 15th November 2007 from 7pm – 9pm.

|:| Throwing Shapes |:|

Idiotically I forgot to mention my local chums Found have
also got a new album out, "This Mess We Keep Reshaping"
is out now on Fence. Go and hook yourself up a post Halloween
treat. No trick.

|:| There's no crueler than the sea |:|

Those talented guys from 7VWWVW have a new album
out and you can check and get if from their label, KFM.

* Also congrats to the newest KFM family member *

|:| Thanks |:|

Cheers for the compliment Manuel.
Hope all goes well with it.

* Yes Sawers - she is in MT territory *