Tuesday, December 23, 2008

|:| A Gift From Others |:|

Thanks to the Other Mother and Coraline for the unexpected
Christmas gift. A handmade spectacular.
Thanks again.

Monday, December 22, 2008

|:| 2009 |:|

Happy holidays and 2009 and will be a busy one, I promise.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

|:| Sused |:|

Michelle and Harry contacted me about TheSusoProject
which will support and highlight creative projects from
around the globe. The best ideas are awarded grants for
the production of their ideas.
Check out the site here. I might even submit an idea myself.

|:| Up Over Down Under |:|

Sneaker Freaker
have an interview up with aersol typophile
SheOne. It's worth a look although it's strange they use an
unofficial Vans SheOne SK8 as one of the pics.

|:| Painting Rooms |:|

The new Elms Lester book. Yes! £175? Perhaps!

|:| You Are So False |:|

I featured Le Messie several years ago in an issue of
Snafu Magazine and his label False has it's new line out
now. "Better Off Dead: Holiday 08" maintains the labels
two-tone aesthetic and are rather nice indeed.
Check them out here.

|:| Sixpack In The Shadows |:|

Ok so I've not been as productive on here as I said I would be.
One factor is I have been doing work on another of my sites,
The Shadow Gallery. The latest installment features an insight
into French clothing label Sixpack thanks to some words with
founder and creative director Lionel Vivier.
He's a good guy and provided some quality words and images so
if you haven't already checked it, do so here.

*Thanks to all the nice people who linked it up - you know who you are*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

|:| Yes Please |:|

That's more like it.

|:| No Thanks |:|

Eh, nah you're alright.

|:| Mapped Out Before You |:|

Russell and Julie at the ever excellent Analogue have a
new book out, again with Nigel Peake.
"Maps" is launched at a wee shin dig in store on Thursday
6th November from 7pm. It will be nice, see you there.

|:| Swanning Around |:|

I like the style of this game, "Unfinished Swan" by
Ian Dallas, if only the site would work.

|:| Afterwards |:|

On November the 8th there will be the first night of
After School Club which has talks and discussions with
young illustrators and designers.
It features a glut of good people and it all takes place at
The GRV from 6pm.

Friday, October 10, 2008

|:| Aye Aye |:|

The new Nintendo DSi is quite slick looking.

|:| Great Scott? |:|

Jeremy Scott and Adidas. Hmmmm?

|:| Future Shock |:|

John up in Aberdeen is assisting Future Shorts with
some visual treats at The Belmont Cinema.
The first is on 29th October at 6.30 and has a host of
shorts including Wes Anderson's "Hotel Chevalier".
More info here.

Monday, September 29, 2008

|:| Constant Darkness |:|

A 'tini selection here and it's a nice animated feature
called "Fear(s) Of The Dark" which has work by 10
amazing [graphic] artists. It looks pretty impressive
so watch out for it in November.

|:| On A Roll |:|

The first screenings of "Deathbowl To Downtown" have
started in the US and I'm looking forward to it making a
jaunt onto these shores soon.

|:| Visual Linguistics |:|

"Coded Language" was a two day show by Roughe in
Aberdeen and by the looks of the pics it was a treat.
You can get prints and check more here.

|:| Above The Clouds |:|

Above is not an aerial shot from a helicopter it is infact
a detailed map of Shanghai and pretty amazing to boot.
The future of Google maps, and perhaps online shopping.

* It takes a minute to load but believe me, it's worth it.

|:| 100% Man Made |:|

Artist Christopher Wool is just about to drop some
boards in the latest deck releases by Supreme.
Have a peek, you might like them.

|:| Go Left! Go Left! |:|

Ok I will make a better job of updates soon but there is
background happenings over at The Shadow Gallery, I'm
sorting some new works for G®T and of course work is
busy as ever. Even though, I'll be sure to make more
regular updates.

And now... on with the show.

*Also the above is a shot out the kitchen window to a car
on fire, it exploded a few times as well. Yea it even gets
that in Canon Mills sometimes too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

|:| Fix Up Look Sharp |:|

I just got a link from Nick at Edinburgh Fixed Gear about
his new site. It's looks nice and I never realized there was
such a big rider community in this city. Watch out for those
cobbles though people.

Monday, September 15, 2008

|:| Lots Of Logos |:|

The new edition of DGV's Los Logos books is out.
Los Logos 4 features work by a whole bunch of designers
including some of mine. Cheers gents. Go check it out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

|:| WWW |:|

This Friday 12th September at the Art School in Glasgow
my good friend A'La Fu is assisting The Bug, Warrior
, Rob Soundcrash and Memory 9 for some audio
wreckage to usher in the arrival of the new Soundcrash night.

It's on from 11pm and should be pretty amazing.

Also downstairs Baller$ 5ocial Club celebrate their first birthday.

|:| Wordsworth |:|

More typography fun, this time with the people over
at Lifelounge who are putting together an exhibition
titled "Some Type Of Wonderful" (wish I'd used that).
It several contributors and will be well worth a look.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

|:| I Wonder |:|

Well if you are in Aberdeen and need your locks chopped
my friend Peter has just opened his new salon, Wonderland.
It's on Skene Street so pop along.
The interior looks a bit Roughe hahaha.

Monday, September 8, 2008

|:| TypED |:|

Great short for the forthcoming documentary from
graphic supermen, House Industries. It features
Ed Rondthaler who is 102 years old but still sharp
as ever. Check it out.

Friday, September 5, 2008

|:| First Cut Is The Deepest |:|

I just came across the work of Melbourne sculptor
Nicholas Jones today and I've got to say I really like it.
Simply the time these things must take to create is
worth a look at his site alone. He looks a bit of a
character too.

They do also remind me of Jen Stark who is equally
talented with the blade.

|:| Futuristic |:|

So I get round for the 'tini on Monday and she's only
bought me a jumper (aww too cute, thanks) from the
new range on Sixpack called "The Future".
It's designed by Akroe and the line is cool and the
promotion is racy. Double bonus.

|:| Life Moves Pretty Fast |:|

This documentary by Eileen Yaghoobian looks pretty
interesting. "Died Young, Stayed Pretty" follows the
art of poster culture in North America which has produced
some amazing wor
ks from numerous people too many
to list. Check the site
for more.

|:| Oh! My God! I Miss You |:|

Ok I always post things about exhibtions at the Baltic in
Gateshead and never actually make it down but I am
definitely going to try and make the Yoshitomo Nara show
before it ends on the 26th October. Being that the previous
post is in Newcastle then a double header could be on the
cards. We'll see if I do.

|:| All White Now |:|

Famed trainer painter Dave White has an exhibition of
new works at the Opus Gallery in Newcastle.
Simply called "New Paintings" it runs from 11th September
until 6th October. Should be worth a peek.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

|:| I Feel A New Shadow |:|

Well here it the main reason this site has seen a slow down.
I have recently launched an new online showcase/magazine
for art, design and anything else I'm into. It is called ::

The Shadow Gallery

The first two profiles are up courtesy of O.Two [rockGroup™]
and Tommy Perman [Surfacepressure] with more already in
the making. Have a peek and a read and see what you think.

That's it for now, happy?

|:| Mytype #26 |:|


|:| Interaction |:|

Being a big fan of WK Interact I'm pleased Elms Lester
have a joint show with him and Anthony Lister.
It is on from August 22nd until September 20th.
Now hopefully I can make it down before then.

|:| Reas' Pieces |:|

Todd James aka Reas has an exhibition in London at
the Lazarides Gallery called "Blood and Treasure".
It runs from 29th August until 26th September and would
no doubt be worth a gander if you are in the area.

|:| Found Guilty |:|

Above is a section from a yacht called "Guilty" which
was an exterior decorated by Jeff Koons. It also features
the work of Sarah Morris which is where the it gets it's
name. Check out the pics and make up your own mind.
Personally I wouldn't own it.

|:| Mobile Madness |:|

Ok so I've been getting heat for not a single post in August
well here are a few so I've at least got some scores on the
boards. I have been doing stuff (later) so don't worry.

First up, check out this crazy itme from Hideo Kanbara.
It's multi-layered similar to plywood, but each layer has its
own function which range from a photo printer to game
controller to a mini digital projector. Looks bananas but
don't hold your breath on the release date.

Monday, July 28, 2008

|:| TSG |:|

Coming soon.

|:| Say Hi To Your Mom |:|

So first there was the auction for the Back To The Future II
boots and now there's an EBay auction for the Hoverboard
prop from the film. A nice wee memento if you've got over
$30K to spare.
PS - It does not fly!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

|:| Back In Black |:|

You should find next Saturday good here.

|:| Hyper Hyper |:|

Oh no they didn't? Oh yes they did!

|:| Open All Hours |:|

Russell and Julie have updated the Analogue site and as
ever there are treats to be had so get on over there and
have a wee peek and hook yourself up some goodies.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

|:| High Rise |:|

I went to see Man On Wire as part of the Film Festival.
It is a pretty amazing film and it was even nicer that
the director James Marsh and Phillippe Petit (who it
is about) were both present.
If you get the chance you should check it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

|:| Explosions In The Sky |:|

Sometimes you just don't need special effects.

Friday, June 20, 2008

|:| Kiss This |:|

I went to see "Let's Get Lost" last week (it was great) and
before it was a trailer for "In Search Of A Midnight Kiss".
It didn't make the film look too hot so I was a bit sceptical
when Martini wanted to go see it, but it was actually pretty
good and I can see why it's getting so much press.
It's worth it for the closer, but they could have used the
original (I'm sure it's a cover).

|:| Push It! |:|

I remember about 11 years ago my friend Keith's dad
constructed a fiberglass skateboard (he owned a fiberglass
company). It was kind of constructed like a snowboard and
although it was quite flexi I was surprised a similar thing
wasn't out there already.
It seems Element have now gone a stage further with
the new Push series.

|:| You Seem Familiar? |:|

I like this concept by photographer Francois Brunelle.
The above couple seem alike but they are not related in
any way. Check his site to see some other examples.

|:| On A Mountain Top |:|

I was over in Berlin and went to see the excellent show
"Our Mountain". The work was superb and if you get the
chance check it out. I've mentioned Steven Harrington
before but yet to mention Justin Krietemeyer who is
equally as good.

If you want to check my weekend peek here.

|:| To The Max #2 |:|

Yes yes please please!