Monday, January 28, 2008

|:| Good Buy |:|

I'm a big fan of the work of Insa so pretty stoked to see he
has an exhibition forthcoming in Glasgow at the Recoat
It's called "Buy My Love" and there is a private
viewing on Valentines Day and the opening on the 15th
from 7pm. Should be amazing.

|:| IV |:|

29 . 04 . 08

|:| Mytype #23 |:|

Fantastic Cat.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

|:| MiTunes #7 |:|

1. Map Of Africa - "Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys"
2. McRad - "Weakness"
3. The Knife - "One Hit"
4. Myra Barnes - "The Message From The Soul Sisters"
5. Saul Williams - "Twice The First Time"

|:| Watch It! |:|

I dunno about you but I'm kind of feeling this 8-Bit
looking watch.

|:| Watch It |:|

No this is not the new G6 from Mac or anything like that
it's actually a 1960's T1000 Radio from Braun.
Here's an interesting comparative study.

|:| Mytype #22 |:|

Super Style

Saturday, January 12, 2008

|:| CRE |:|

Not only did Charles & Ray Eames create my favourite
chair of all time but they crafted some of the most eye
pleasing creations of the 20th Century. The United States
Postal Service is celebrating them with a nice collection
of stamps. It's time to go postal.

|:| F-F-F-Fashion |:|

Another fashion collaboration which will no doubt be of
interest to some of you ladies out there is the one between
cool gal Chloe Sevigny and Opening Ceremony NY.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

|:| We Will See You Now |:|

I am always pleased to have any Clinic news so a new
single, album and tour coming soon is a triple bonus.

|:| Electric Textiles |:|

Electronics company Fujitsu have been revealing
some new products which include the above, a fabric
laptop. I'm intrigued to see when this will be on
the market, but hopefully they'll alter the colourscheme.

|:| Bon Anniversaire |:|

Lionel is non-stop with garments and artworks and now
it's been ten years since Sixpack began.
Good work sir, I'm stoked to have been involved with such
a great label. Here's to your next ten.

Monday, January 7, 2008

|:| Transgressive |:|

I'd forgotten to mention this park was opening in the
'burgh very soon. Time to dust off the whizzplank and
sign up for some knee replacements.

|:| Keep Stable |:|

I'm not really into the branding on these but some of the
shaping and materials are slick.

|:| From Throwups To Makeup |:|

Man, the profile of Fafi just keeps growing. Now she's
doing makeup for the ladies with M•A•C. Tres bien.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

|:| Burnt Crusts |:|

This animation was made for The Book Of Spam and uses
individual toast slices which you can check out in the
making of video too.

|:| Come Around |:|

You take Marc Jacobs, Juergen Teller and M.I.A and the
result is somewhat underwhelming in my opinion.

|:| Mytype #21 |:|

It's all in the shelving.

|:| 2008 |:|

Happy New Year.