Friday, February 22, 2008

|:| Elemation |:|

Not only did Vitra re-create the amazing Eames Plywood
Elephant but Eames Demetrios has created a nice stop
frame animation featuring these chaps called "A Gathering
Of Elephants
". Check it out here because it'll make you smile.

|:| Dunkin |:|

Let's stick with Nike for a minute and have a look at the
site for the the XXV anniversary of the Dunk.

|:| Sorta Boring |:|

I dunno what's going on with Nike SB but I feel
the ideas are definitely running dry.

|:| Cinematic Illustration |:|

R.I.P John Alvin 1948 - 2008

|:| What's Your Chanel |:|

Above is a concept phone for Chanel by Fred De Garilhe.
It folds up and the optic fibres create the colours.

|:| DSaster |:|

So Nintendo are releasing the above BApe DS and Fragment
and Honeyee DS. Both are incredibly under-whelming with the
Fragment one doing the exciting thing of maing it black and
slapping on the logos. Whoa, almost as envelope pushing as
the umbrella they brought out a while back.
The BApe version also comes in gold and is out in Japan on
1st April. Irony?
*No links again*

|:| An Expensive Round |:|

Above is an image of the Bombay Sapphire Revelation,
one of 5 spirit bottles designed by Karim Rashid.
The bottles are handcrafted bare crystal and finished
with sapphires and diamonds which I guess explains the
$200,000 price-tag.
Think I'll stick with the Martin(e) Miller('s).

|:| Fine Alignment |:|

I sit with a Solitary Arts figure on my desk at work
and so any Geoff McFetridge news is good with me.
He currently has a rather splendid looking exhibition
called "Two Lines Align" with Ed Fella at the REDCAT
gallery in LA. If you're around I'd check it.

|:| UnStaple |:|

I'm a big fan of The Wire but these clothes they got Staple
(yawn) to produce are simply dull or pretty ugly.
On the plus side only 20 of each one were made.
*No links*

|:| Insa Good Way |:|

Yesterday I went through to Glasgow and caught the show
by Insa at the ReCoat Gallery. The work is nice and although
the spot is quite wee it's cool that they are out there doing it.
Go check it out.
Next on the horizon is Edinburgh's one man army Elph.

|:| Harmony In Pictures |:|

It seems Marc Jacobs can't get enough of getting the hipsters
to get in his campaigns. The latest is Harmony Korine, who
seems to remind me of someone. It'll come back to me.

*It did, it was King Creosote*

|:| Cosmetic Cuteness |:|

I mentioned before that French artist Fafi had been doing
a collaboration with M•A•C and recently they did a show
where they got models done up like her characters and
the result was pretty damn cute.

|:| Take It Easel |:|

Well it's that time again and my Powerbook has no longer
decided to give up powering itself so the G®T has taken a
small slowdown but thanks to my H.O.B I'm rocking a wee
iBook for the weekend so here's some freshness or some
stuff I should have mentioned before.

Firstly, above is a stand for the slim-line TVs created by
Swedish designer Axel Bjurström and is based on an artists
easel and was presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Monday, February 4, 2008

|:| I said it before and I'll say it again |:|

Again I dunno what to make of these. From the side they
look alright but the Cheetah skin tongue and laces are
what makes these forthcoming Dunk SBs a bit less appealing
to me. The theme is based on Ferris Beuller's Day Off.
Whatever next?

|: Twisting |:|

I totally forgot to mention that the excellent Barry McGee
has an exhibition on in the Baltic Centre in Gateshead.
It runs until the 27th April. Christophe, lets' definitely make
it to this one.

|:| R.I.P Style |:|

This man will have helped influence many.
- Tony Silver -

|:| Mytype #24 |:|

Beamer on standby.