Monday, March 31, 2008

|:| MiTunes #8 |:|

Well just before I tuned into Kennys show on SHMU I
was listening to these fine tunes.

1. The Coup - "The Shipment"
2. Lou Reed - "Street Hassle"
3. Aidonnia - "Headline"
4. Cat Stevens - "Mathew & Son"
5. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "Road To The Riches"

|:| Everyone's A Rat |:|

Well the forth and final trailer is out from work and I'm
getting quite amped on the release now and the positive
reaction it's getting. Not long now.

|:| Call To Arms |:|

Is it accpetable or out of order to have little Lego guys
looking like some sort of militia?
Either way I'm a fan of Brick Arms.

|:| Slashdog |:|

Another 'rurie ex-pat Alex Irvine has updated with some
new images and they're nice too.
The above image is Colin Kennedy.

|:| Lozenge With Two Lines and Blue |:|

Well finally Nike SB are getting it back on track. Forget some
...x...x....xNikeSb new artist weak collaborations, just step right
back and get a Mondriaan colour scheme on the go and it's grand.

Monday, March 24, 2008

|:| You Can't Be Like Mike |:|

Well it seems there is only so long and so successful you
can be by making streetwear using (replicating) some of
Nike's most iconic branding and materials before the old
cease and desist comes out. Mike23 did do pretty well and
will no doubt continue or at least make his existing
items more collectible to people who are into it.

|:| 1.2.3 |:|

I remember when I was living in Sydney meeting Geoff Barrow
in Good Groove (howdo JD) and he was over working on material
for the third Portishead LP. Well that was in 2001 and now I just
heard the new album, "Third", and tt's not too bad either.
They also have A Hawk and a Hacksaw on their Edinburgh tour date.

|:| DS Heroes |:|

I can think of a few people this may interest, Guitar Hero
for the Nintendo DS. I'm not much a fan of the game but I do
like the way they've handled this though.

Friday, March 14, 2008

|:| Give it another coat |:|

Elph is not only a good guy but a really good artist/designer
so that's a double reason why you want to get along to the
ReCoat gallery to check his show "Spirits and Bitumen" which
has an opening on Friday 21st of March 2008 and runs until
Wednesday 23rd April 2008.

|:| Packin' Heat |:|

Lionel has updated a new look Sixpack site and there is
a host of treats abound. Go check it out.

*PS - Thanks for the Parra T - niceness.*

|:| Prints among men |:|

Parra + Juxtapoz = purchase.

|:| Shine your shoes guv? |:|

Finally some Dunks you can get formal with.

|:| Paper cuts |:|

Sometimes you just don't need computers.

*Except to build the website to host the video etc*

|:| Four capital letters |:|

Now this one here I meant to post ages ago but I like the
style of it so much I don't care if it's old news.
The D.V.N.O video by Justice is another fine bit of work by
So_Me and Machine Molle. Just well executed.

Still, what about the originals eh?

|:| ...and if you don't know, now you know |:|

Yea so my laptop is back, full power ahead and a glut of
posts to update, some old and some new so excuse me if
you do know.

First up is this chap above, Jamal Woolard, who is to play
Biggie in the upcoming film, Notorious.
Now you know.