Sunday, June 29, 2008

|:| High Rise |:|

I went to see Man On Wire as part of the Film Festival.
It is a pretty amazing film and it was even nicer that
the director James Marsh and Phillippe Petit (who it
is about) were both present.
If you get the chance you should check it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

|:| Explosions In The Sky |:|

Sometimes you just don't need special effects.

Friday, June 20, 2008

|:| Kiss This |:|

I went to see "Let's Get Lost" last week (it was great) and
before it was a trailer for "In Search Of A Midnight Kiss".
It didn't make the film look too hot so I was a bit sceptical
when Martini wanted to go see it, but it was actually pretty
good and I can see why it's getting so much press.
It's worth it for the closer, but they could have used the
original (I'm sure it's a cover).

|:| Push It! |:|

I remember about 11 years ago my friend Keith's dad
constructed a fiberglass skateboard (he owned a fiberglass
company). It was kind of constructed like a snowboard and
although it was quite flexi I was surprised a similar thing
wasn't out there already.
It seems Element have now gone a stage further with
the new Push series.

|:| You Seem Familiar? |:|

I like this concept by photographer Francois Brunelle.
The above couple seem alike but they are not related in
any way. Check his site to see some other examples.

|:| On A Mountain Top |:|

I was over in Berlin and went to see the excellent show
"Our Mountain". The work was superb and if you get the
chance check it out. I've mentioned Steven Harrington
before but yet to mention Justin Krietemeyer who is
equally as good.

If you want to check my weekend peek here.

|:| To The Max #2 |:|

Yes yes please please!

|:| To The Max #1 |:|

Yes please!

Monday, June 16, 2008

|:| Hang the DJ |:|

My good friend Kenny (A'La Fu) has a new mix up on
Monday Jazz called "Are You Hung Up?"
Well whether you are or you aren't check it out here.

|:| Snooze you lose |:|

This years Edinburgh Film Festival is on this month and
they're showing Beautiful Losers on Monday 23rd and
Wednesay 25th June. Nice one.
Best be quick it often sells out.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

|:| Updation Station |:|

Well with all this time off I've finally managed to rebuild
a new site for myself (thanks for the advice Tommy).
There is some old and new works and I'm gonna keep
updating it in the next week or so but you can check it


Right, I'm off to Berlin. Have a nice weekend.

|:| Go Green |:|

Mirjam over at the excellent Green Man Festival has let
me know they are taking a public vote to decide who will
open the fesitval.
It's open to bands to enter and the people can just vote on
their favourite. Simple eh?
Get your vote on here.