Thursday, August 28, 2008

|:| I Feel A New Shadow |:|

Well here it the main reason this site has seen a slow down.
I have recently launched an new online showcase/magazine
for art, design and anything else I'm into. It is called ::

The Shadow Gallery

The first two profiles are up courtesy of O.Two [rockGroup™]
and Tommy Perman [Surfacepressure] with more already in
the making. Have a peek and a read and see what you think.

That's it for now, happy?

|:| Mytype #26 |:|


|:| Interaction |:|

Being a big fan of WK Interact I'm pleased Elms Lester
have a joint show with him and Anthony Lister.
It is on from August 22nd until September 20th.
Now hopefully I can make it down before then.

|:| Reas' Pieces |:|

Todd James aka Reas has an exhibition in London at
the Lazarides Gallery called "Blood and Treasure".
It runs from 29th August until 26th September and would
no doubt be worth a gander if you are in the area.

|:| Found Guilty |:|

Above is a section from a yacht called "Guilty" which
was an exterior decorated by Jeff Koons. It also features
the work of Sarah Morris which is where the it gets it's
name. Check out the pics and make up your own mind.
Personally I wouldn't own it.

|:| Mobile Madness |:|

Ok so I've been getting heat for not a single post in August
well here are a few so I've at least got some scores on the
boards. I have been doing stuff (later) so don't worry.

First up, check out this crazy itme from Hideo Kanbara.
It's multi-layered similar to plywood, but each layer has its
own function which range from a photo printer to game
controller to a mini digital projector. Looks bananas but
don't hold your breath on the release date.