Wednesday, November 26, 2008

|:| Sused |:|

Michelle and Harry contacted me about TheSusoProject
which will support and highlight creative projects from
around the globe. The best ideas are awarded grants for
the production of their ideas.
Check out the site here. I might even submit an idea myself.

|:| Up Over Down Under |:|

Sneaker Freaker
have an interview up with aersol typophile
SheOne. It's worth a look although it's strange they use an
unofficial Vans SheOne SK8 as one of the pics.

|:| Painting Rooms |:|

The new Elms Lester book. Yes! £175? Perhaps!

|:| You Are So False |:|

I featured Le Messie several years ago in an issue of
Snafu Magazine and his label False has it's new line out
now. "Better Off Dead: Holiday 08" maintains the labels
two-tone aesthetic and are rather nice indeed.
Check them out here.

|:| Sixpack In The Shadows |:|

Ok so I've not been as productive on here as I said I would be.
One factor is I have been doing work on another of my sites,
The Shadow Gallery. The latest installment features an insight
into French clothing label Sixpack thanks to some words with
founder and creative director Lionel Vivier.
He's a good guy and provided some quality words and images so
if you haven't already checked it, do so here.

*Thanks to all the nice people who linked it up - you know who you are*