Thursday, February 26, 2009

|:| Flying South |:|

To aid their journey to SXSW the good chaps
in FOUND have teamed up with Focus to create
this "$x$w" shirt.
It has two colourways and you can get
yourself one here. Nice one Tommy.

|:| Good Good |:|

I meant to put this up a while ago but I'm finally
getting more posts done after the busy weeks that have
just past so here is one to say the Goodstead store in
Edinburgh are relocating to a bigger and more central
shop on Rose Street.
To mark the move they are holding a soirée in the
Assembly Rooms on Wednesday 4th March.
The night will feature previews of the new producto
as well as other treats. You can get in touch with the
shop to get yourself in.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

|:| Old To The New |:|

Last show to report today and luckily a bit closer
to home this time.
Toby Paterson has a show on in The Modern Institute
called "Ever Growing Never Old" which runs from
February 28th until April 9th and has a preview on
Friday 27th. Pop along and give your eyes some art.

|:| Dripping Down Under |:|

Another show work a look if your in a land down
under would be the KRINK show on in Melbourne's
Dont Come gallery from 27th March - 10th April.

|:| That's Odd |:|

The ever talented Morning Breath and artist Cycle
have a joint show on called "Oddities" in Brooklyn's
Ad Hoc Gallery. It runs from the 27th February until
March 22nd with the opening on Friday 27th February
from 7-10pm. If you are near by I'd recommend it.

I also have an interview with Morning Breath here.

|:| Your Thing |:|


Micke in Tokyo has unleashed his new range of Its Our Thing
clothing. Check it out.
Also look out for more PMKFA related news soon.

|:| Cat Is Back |:|

One for the ladies - Cat Power and Levis = this.

|:| Free Not Free |:|

It would appear Aberdeen Council have lost it completely.
Now they are planning to impose a 12.30am curfew on entry
to venues. Even though Glasgow and Edinburgh tried it and
it failed. Another smart move up North.
Have your say here.

|:| How Strange |:|

Another mighty fine site, The Strange Attractor, returns
with an new and improved look. Have a gander.

|:| Spinning On The Turntables Back To Back |:|

Simply a nice collection of old 7" record sleeves.
See how many you own. I recognized a few.

|:| Stylistics #4 |:|

Big Tom. The king of the bobble hat.

|:| Let The Dark In |:|

A new colab between SheOne and Montana paint.
It could only come in black right.

|:| It's Been A Long Time |:|

Indeed, and I should not have left you. But I did for a
jaunt to New York but here is some new traffic to step to.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

|:| Open Your Mind |:|

Focus have a showing of the new Alien Workshop film,
"Mind Field". It should be another good production from
AWS and it shows in Under The Stairs on Tuesday 10th
from 6.30pm.

|:| What? |:|

This has to be the biggest peice of tat A Bathing Ape
have made to date. A cash filled snow globe for the
dreadful Teriyaki Boyz. No links.