Tuesday, May 26, 2009

|:| Themes |:|

My good friend Kenny A'La Fu has just launched
his new label, Vava Records.
To lauch it he has produced his own triple 7 inch
called "Themes" which are all housed some nice
packing with tasty artwork courtesy of Roughe.
To check out the music just go here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

|:| Millionaires |:|

The ever productive 123Klan have launched a new
range of their Bandit-1$M line. Pop over to the shop
and have a little look-see.

|:| Made To Skate |:|

Proving where there's a will....
A skatepark built by Ugandan youths.
Nice photo essay by Swiss photograher Yann Gross.

*Cheers for the heads up Steve.*

|:| Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn |:|

The 'tini and myself went along to the opening of
"Story Motel" at the Owl & Lion. Loads of artists made
little 'zines and some weren't my taste but there were
some beauties in there for sure.
Check it out, it's on until the 10th of June.