Thursday, October 29, 2009

|:| Views |:|

Another interview with Lionel from Sixpack.
Where he finds the time I'll never know.

|:| I'm Bad |:|

Ok, I am a bit late in posting this but
tomorrow night (30th Oct) Pageant are
hosting a new show in Edinburgh
called "Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja"
which features a whole host of good
people showing work. Amongst them
is Mr Matt Pattinson.

|:| It's Grand|:|

Well Grand Theft Auto : Episodes From Liberty City
is on the shelves now so go grab yourself a copy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

|:| Market It The Diary |:|

A new craft fair is on in The Bowery here
is Edinburgh called MarchéMarché begins
this Saturday (24th October).
It features a whole bunch of people involved
like Susie, Analogue and Lizzy Stewart so pop
past if you're in town.

Monday, October 19, 2009

|:| Audiotainment |:|

Over in Glasgow my friend A'La Fu has some new
sonic selections from his VaVafesto.
Radio Magnetic has the shows on the DL.

|:| In A... |:|

Well it's taken plenty of time but look, a new Haze site.

|:| I Got The SBlues |:|

Now don't you step on them.

|:| Ghost World |:|

Those Agents Of Change are at getting up North
transforming the walls of a derelict buildings in
Argyll in the Ghostvillage Project and it's looking
very nice.

|:| Sale Away |:|

This Saturday, Sunday and Monday the good people
of Focus are inviting you along to Cabaret Voltaire
to help clear some of their stock in a three day sale.
Get a hammer to yer piggy bank!

Friday, October 9, 2009

|:| MiTunes #13 |:|

I guess #13 is unlucky as I've been off work the last
two days ill, lovely cough, sore joints etc etc.
Anyways here's the last five tunes from my sickbed.

1. Atlas Sound - "Walkabout"
2. Busdriver - "Split Seconds (Between Nannies And Swamis)"
3. Karen O And The Kids - "All Is Love"
4. Clinic - "Lee Shan"
5. Nancy Sinatra - "Fridays Child"

|:| Girls! Girls! Girls! |:|

More new trailers from work for "Grand Theft Auto:
Episodes from Liberty City". Anticipation building
this time in the form of "There's Always A Girl".
Check it out.

|:| Fresh Cotton |:|

The second London store by British label Albam is
now open at 111a Commercial Street.
Pop in, pick up some finery and say hello to my good
friend Christophe while you're in there.

|:| Did You Hear |:|

Closer to home but still with a French connection,
Analogue Books hosts a new show by Jean Julien
called "Knock Knock". It opens tonight and runs
until 13th November.

|:| No Secret |:|

The Lazy Dog in Paris always has good shows on
and the "The Secret Of Life" by Geneviève Gauckler
will be up there for sure. It runs until the 31st October.

|:| The Sheets Of New York |:|

I like the way Imago handled the animation for
the Turkish edition of the New York Times.
Check it out here.

|:| Toying |:|

Nothing more to say than TokiDoki for Karl Lagerfeld.