Thursday, November 26, 2009

|:| B-have |:|

For some reason Agnes B has teamed up with Toy2R
to create some Qees and I quite like the results.
Only available at the stores though it seems.

|:| Black Whole Styles |:|

I've meant to post this a while ago but forgot, oops.
Recent press has reminded me to let you know just
how sterling the Big Dada Podcasts are.
Done by none other that your friend and maybe mine,
Mr A La Fu.

Monday, November 9, 2009

|:| Going Downtown |:|

Another documentary I'd like to check out is
New York arts, fashion and culture film "Downtown Calling".
Debbie Harry narrates it, with the list of people
involved too many to mention but just too
to miss.

|:| Dying |:|

These Peƶple are hosting a viewing of the
documentary "Died Young Stayed Pretty"
on Thursday at 7pm in the ECA.
£2 gets you in. Should be good.

* Unconfirmed if this is just for students?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

|:| Warriors |:|

Tomorrow night Under The Stairs hosts
the opening of a photo exhibition by
Graham Tait called "Coney Island".
Get yourself down for a drink and
goosey gander.

|:| Zines |:|

On Monday 16th November The Bowery
host a night with reading and talks from
Joey Comeau and Mike Saturday Lecky,
who is founder of Loose Teeth Press.
It also hosts a 'zine fayre too.
Worth a look.

Monday, November 2, 2009

|:| Mo Mo Mo, How Do You Like It |:|

I've always been a fan of the facial furniture
and this November Rockstar Games is sponsoring
men's health charity Movember.
It's for a good cause and I'll be trying my hardest
to grow and semblance of lip plummage.

If you'd like to sponsor me that would be well
appreciated and you can go


to contribute.
Any donations are welcomed.

Also, if anyone is interested in participating
themsleves I think you can still register
and Rockstar is hosting a comp for the best
mosutachioed fella to become a character in
Red Dead Redemption.