Saturday, December 18, 2010

|:| Beaten |:|

The documentary on A Tribe Called Quest looks
like it should be out early next year.
I'll hit you up on the SkyPager when it's released.

|:| Roll 3Deep |:|

Over in Melbourne the premiere of TRON:Legacy
hosted an outdoor project by the folks at ENESS
which featured a miniramp, ipods/apps, projections
and an outcome which looked like this.

|:| Touring |:|

The Tourist is a new publication which launches
with a special edition focussing on The XX.
It's shot by Jamie-James Medina and you can
buy it here.

|:| Absoult Exit |:|

Exit magazine have once again teamed up
with Krink and Absolut too for their
newest issue cover.

|:| Dated Type |:|

I'm liking Matt W. Moore's typographic calender.
Shame it's already sold out!

|:| Run Run Run |:|

I'm not really sure I understand this video
by John Nolan for "Runaway" by UNKLE
but I like the style.

Friday, December 10, 2010

|:| Choir |:|

Merry Christmas.

|:| Cerfing |:|

Another amazing animation by Team Cerf.
This time, meet Buck.

|:| Rights |:|

Seth Rogen as Mike D.
Elijah Wood as Ad-Rock.
Danny McBride as MCA?

|:| Cold Storage |:|

The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden gets a TRON
makeover by Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas-Jones
of Extreme Design.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

|:| Bits |:|

Last night a new show opened in Aberdeen.
"Titbits" has works by Sio Ogg and friends.
It is on in the Athenaeum and runs until mid
January 2011.

|:| Wood Is Good |:|

If I ever got back into magazine design I'd be
more than happy if it looked anything like the
superb Wooden Toy Quarterly.

|:| Board Of Breath |:|

Atlas skate shop in New York enlisted the
good guys over at Morning Breath to produce
this special edition board. Shred it or hang it.

|:| Settings |:|

Typeophile's may well have some excitement
for this film which is currently in production
about Ottmar Mergenthaler's great invention,
the Linotype Printer.
It's hard to imagine how time consuming type
setting would be with out him.
The film is being backed by donations and even
though they've met their target there's still over
a week to contribute if you like.

|:| DD |:|

It's actually taken longer than I expected for
a book like this to pop out.

|:| Neu |:|

Gestalten have another great video up which
this time is an interview with Marilyn and John Neuhart.
In case you're unfamiliar with thier work she, along
with husband John were designers at the Eames
office in the 50's which also put them in the perfect
position to write this book.

|:| Proof |:|

I like, but they would have been useful this week.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

|:| Board of Fashion |:|

I've never understood why people would
practice fingerboarding to this degree or
what market Hermès are possibly aiming
at here but for some reason the combination
and the lighting of this video do work nicely.
Possibly a rival to this preposterous
item L.V. made.

|:| Bleed It Dry |:|

Let It Bleed have audio masonry for the
Granite City on November the 26th with
the bricks supplied by dynamic duo
Carte Blanche and the mortar by my
friend and maybe yours, A La Fu.

|:| Gangbusters |:|

Shan Nicholson has another new film out.
"Rubble Kings" is NY based again but this
time around it features the gangs of the early
70's and how the violence transformed itself
into a more artistic creation we now refer to
as hip hop.

|:| A.H.W |:|

Seeing as there is a Joy Division link below
it seems fitting to link to a story about the
newly unveiled gravestone to Tony Wilson.
In typical Peter Saville/Factory style it's
three years too late. Read all about it here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

|:| Still |:|

This new Joy Division box set looks good.
"+-" has ten 7" singles, artwork and all their
output on CD's. Shame the Deluxe edition has
already sold out.

|:| Boared |:|

A couple of months ago I got a telling off
in a Parisian toy shop for picking up one
of David Weeks' great wooden animals.
His latest one is a pretty sweet looking
boar for Monocle.

|:| Curvature |:|

The ladies of Curvy have a new publication
planned, and this time the gents gets a show.
"Muscle Up" has a tonne of people involved
and I'm sure you'll like them.
Check it here.

|:| Buttery Slick |:|

I'm liking this example of functional packing
by Yeongkeun Jeong.

Monday, November 8, 2010

|:| 100 |:|

Edition One Hundred has a pretty nice exhibition on
now entitled "Delayed Gratification" which has a
glut of contributors including Martha Cooper
who took the shot above.

|:| J'adore NY |:|

Ok it's been all over the interpipes recently
but the Paris versus New York series is pretty
nice. You decide the winner.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

|:| Code Of Thieves |:|

For anyone who has seen any of the three volumes
be interested to know that there is an exhibition in
London of photographic portraits of criminals by
Sergei Vasiliev with the drawings and definitions
by Danzig Baldaev.
The show is located at 4 Wilkes Street and runs
until 28th November.

|:| Fuzzy |:|

The making of the "Fuzz Face" video by Belleruche
is pretty impressive. 4'500 photocopies, were made
to produce this animation.

|:| Tronbrick |:|

I can just imagine the marketing of the new Tron
is going to be bananas and here's a first hit of
Medicom toys with Daft Punk in their Legacy
attire. Shiny.

|:| Pic Of The Bunch |:|

The extremely talented photographer, JR, has
won the TED prize and rightly so.
If you've never seen any of this French lens
crafter's work then give your eyes a treat here.

|:| Decked Out |:|

I'm really not convinced by Complex mag's
"50 Greatest Skateboards of the 1990's".
I guess it's always a personal choice though so
check them out and see what you think.

|:| Words On Walls |:|

Barbara Kruger gives the Stedelijk Museum in
Amsterdam a large dose of typography which is
looking pretty nice indeed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

|:| On The Reg |:|

"I'm a bulletproof tiger, dude!"
Yes, Kenny Powers for the iPhone soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

|:| Breathe Easy |:|

Darn sawf in the London Miles Gallery
Morning Breath are part of a show which
started this weekend and runs until the
5th November. Looks good.

|:| Gang Up |:|

Next time you're in New York,
know your gangs.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

|:| Master |:|

Star Wars re-created lo-fi by Eric Power.
He's handy with a blade.

|:| Pics |:|

Photographer Horst A. Friedrichs has some
great works, especially his modern day rockers
and mods. His book is also out.

|:| Calligraffiti |:|

Amazing handstyles for Mercedes by the
Dutch master, Shoe.

|:| Ace |:|

Winter warmers.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

|:| My Type |:|

Yes this does interest me and I don't care.
Typeface Memory Game!

|:| Craft Work |:|

The patient and amazing works of Dalton Ghetti.

|:| Mags |:|

Glasgow has a new magazine based store
opening this Friday. GmbH is housed in
The Modern Institute and will be gifting
the residents of Glasgow and beyond with
some splendid periodicals. Good work.

|:| Tron And On |:|

If you're interested in the new Tron then
you should treat yourself to a viewing of
some concept art over at Hey You Guys.

|:| Smoking It |:|

The Chrome Ball Incident is always good
and now has added Dan Drehobl.
Get yer eyefill!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

|:| Dress Up |:|

Wooo, more spooky stuff this time courtesy
of Our Ladies Of Sorrow.
It's on Halloween night from 7pm in Sneaky Pete's.

|:| Undead Redemption |:|

More downloadable cowboy mayhem from work.
This time with added zombie's! Yeeeha.

|:| Purple Stuff |:|

Mmm, yes.

|:| Nothing Else |:|

Raydale Dower has a new show on in October.
It commences in The Changing Room in Striling
October 9th until November 18th.

|:| Yo Ho Ho |:|

's October exhibition begins on 7th October.
This time around it features the work of Yule Bringer
and runs until 6th November.