Tuesday, March 30, 2010

|:| LDN |:|

I was just in London with the 'tini and did
a lot of drinking, browsing and eating.
Cheers to Christophe and Gemma.
A true treat was had in the street courtesy of
Violet and her marshmallow cupcakes.
Worth getting soaked for.
More reports to follow.

|:| Prints Matter |:|

Always consistent

|:| Hand Styles |:|

The man who has the most recognisable hand
writing in fashion, Shawn Stussy, launches his
new S/Double line on April 12th.
Worth a peek I'm sure.

|:| Gold In Them There Hills |:|

The brand new Benny Gold shop opens it's doors
on Saturday 17th April so if you're in San Francisco
that day why not pop past and check it out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

|:| Bar Fly |:|

I'm off to London for a few days and return
home just before the start of a new Noma Bar
exhibition at KK Outlet in Shoreditch.
It begins on 1st April until the end of the month.

|:| By By |:|

HBO are pushing "How To Make It In America"
pretty hard and they've now made this short film
about being a pro skateboarder in New York
called "The Get By".

Monday, March 22, 2010

|:| Come, Come |:|

The new video from the very talented Juice Aleem.

|:| All RT |:|


|:| War |:|

I'm not sure how "Electro Wars" will turn out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

|:| 2000 |:|

I've been a Futura fan since my teens and a
new (old) video of him talking has been put
up on the Upper Playground channel.

|:| Century Modern |:|

I must admit I'm pretty jealous of anyone
who attended the House Industries Eames
show in Santa Monica the other day.
It runs until 1st April at the Eames Office.

|:| Sprayned |:|

Niels Meulman aka Shoe is an Amsterdam
legend in graffiti. His recent "Calligraffiti"
project is out in book format now too.
Well worth checking when it is touring.

|:| RAM It |:|

With the way visual effects are these days
Tron Legacy is surely never going to be as
impacting as the original was but I'm still
keen to see it. It's a long wait until December,
but until then trailer #2 is out as well as
more treats for it here.