Sunday, May 30, 2010

|:| Spaces |:|

Yesterday I visited the Axolotl Gallery
for the first time, which is a poor show
on my part as it is about ten minutes
away from G®T HQ. Anyways, it's a
pretty nice gallery with some good
works which are slightly more up my
street than some of the other places
on Dundas Street. Worth a peek if
you're in the 'burgh.

|:| A.I.M |:|

Right, I'm going to lay claim to being the
first person in the 'deen to been playing her
records many moons ago but I've kind of
lost interest in M.I.A to be honest.
Her followup stuff has been ok, her latest
"controversial" video was well shot but pretty
passé as ideas go I thought, but this photo for
The New York Times Magazine is pretty cool.
Mature way to react to the the article though huh?
All the pics are shot by Ryan McGinley who
can't seem to put a foot wrong of late.

Friday, May 28, 2010

|:| Karl |:|

The good folks at False have their second
wave of Better Off Dead entitled "Karl
The Butcher
". Check it out.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

|:| The XX |:|

My good friend A La Fu has created the
second mix (download ends soon) for
Ninja Tune XX, their 20th anniversary.
It's a Big Dada special but he's got some
solo treats planned soon.
Stay frosty.

|:| Life Of Brian |:|

As ever Elph has been creating tonnes of work
and has updated his site with it too.

|:| Listen Up Fool's |:|

I reported earlier about the Fool's Gold shows
and as an audio treat they've released a mix
for your download pleasure. This is the first
of three and comes from DJ Kokoro.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

|:| Massive Change |:|

I reported before about the Agents Of Change
project, "AOC0.3" for Future Everything down in
Manchester. Derm sent over this picture of the
outcome and as you can see both the outcome
and the scale of it is pretty impressive.

|:| Coveralls |:|

are having a display of their Fabrick
range in Public-Image.3D in Tokyo.
I can't make head no tail of the write up but it
profiles the impressive list of people who've
been involved in it.
Get your Kanji on over here.

|:| Patriot Makers |:|

Another release from work.
Red Dead Redemption is out now and has
been getting some very good reviews which
is nice indeed.

|:| Concrete Blunderland |:|

Well done Aberdeen Council, another great
choice made there guys.
As they plan to fill the gardens with concrete
how will they fill the massive holes in their
economy and confidence from the public, who
did vote against the plans.

Monday, May 17, 2010

|:| Stay Seated |:|

Operation Design
are currently holding a
display of Eames plywood Lounge Chairs
painted by a variety of artists.
The selection is available to view and
purchase over at their site here.
I'm liking the Skewville one best.

|:| Rolling |:|

On the other side of the planet Kami and Susi,
under the moniker HITOTZUKI have a show
called "The Firmament" in Roppongi, Tokyo.
The installation and paintings are pretty nice
and you can get a taste of it here.

|:| Train Wreckage |:|

A show of New York graffiti artists is being
hosted by Dirty Pilot. "Trains Of Thought"
has a host of NY artists all doing work over a
classic subway car image.

|:| No Foolin' |:|

In June Insa and Inkie commence their
four leg "Fool's Gold" tour covering London (6th),
Brussels (7th), Berlin (8th) and Warsaw (11th).
Worth checking if you're in the area.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

|:| Writing On The Wall |:|

The art of sign writing is having a good bit
of exposure right now which is great as it's
a real artform. Another documentary is in
the works from Faythe Levine & Sam Macon
over in the US with the simple but straightforward
title of The Sign Painter.

|:| Domiqlo |:|

Records have released some quality
output and they've teamed up with Uniqlo
to produce some tshirts featuring artits on
their roster including a few for Clinic.
I'm not totally swayed on some of the t's
they've printed onto but you can make
you own mind up and buy them here.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

|:| 9A |:|

Since it opened I've been a big fan of The Holyrood.
As of 14th May it kicks off its Rebel Beerfest which
has 10 breweries doing different beers for a week each
until July. Oh yeah, they are all Scottish productions.
Like you need an excuse for a beer.

Monday, May 10, 2010

|:| Silly Thing |:|

The talented Gary Taxali has a new kids
book out called "This Is Silly!".
It's not out until August though.

|:| Renaissance |:|

One of Berlin's finest stores Firmament has
moved locations.
Still stocking the goods it's now located on
No. 40 Linienstrasse.

|:| Views |:|

Interview Magazine
is always worth a look
and the new issue, amongst other things,
features an interview with one of the darlings
of the graffiti-to-gallery scene, Kaws.

|:| Mr Wilson |:|

1948 is one of the nicest trainer shops I've
been in around the globe. Really it's pure
folly on the part of Nike but it's certainly
worth seeking out when you're in London.
The Wilson Brothers have some nice
videos and pictures of their installations
in there at their site including this video.

Friday, May 7, 2010

|:| Reachout |:|

Stüssy have got together with Al Fingers to
produce an visual and aural treat documenting
the history of Greensleeves Records.
The book is a pretty concise history of the label
and there's a mix of plenty of the tracks from the
first 10 years of the label. Aside from that there is
also t-shirts and badges to go with it too.
A fairly hefty package I think you'll agree.
More info on it all here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

|:| MiTunes 101 |:|

1. Styles Of Beyond - "Eurobiks"
2. Nancy Sinatra - "Friday's Child"
3. Paul Simon - "Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard"
4. Fog - "What A Day Day"
5. Spoon - "I Turn My Camera On"

|:| Mountaineering |:|

Next month Analogue will have an exhibtion
by L.A. based artist Christopher Bettig.
Well worth a look when it opens.

|:| Lost In Brooklyn |:|

Over in New York, Grotesk has a new book out
published by Upper Playground.
It's looks pretty nice too.

|:| Invert |:|

Issue five of Australian based skateboarding
magazine Staple is out.
Luckily for us no-Antipodean people it's also
viewable online too.

|:| Bomb'd |:|

"Four Lions" is a new film by Chris Morris.
I'm intrigued to find out how the approach and
subject matter are dealt with.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

|:| A Box Of Ten |:|

I had forgotten to post about the Diane Arbus
show that the 'Tini and me went to last month
in the Dean Gallery.
She took some good pictures of what people
deem the outer margins of society before taking
her own life aged 48. If you're in the 'burgh it's
worth a look before it ends on 13th June.

|:| 0.3 |:|

The Agents Of Change don't stop. This time they're
re-doing the interior of a secret Manchester location
for the Future Everything festival.
Video footage will slowly reveal it's location with full
exposure on the closing day of the festival.

|:| Straight Outta Hollywood |:|

The NWA biography seems to be going ahead.
I wonder if Ice Cube producing may influence
the angle of it?

|:| Handmade |:|

Made In The Shade has it's Springtime Jamboree
on Saturday 15th May in The Roxy Art House
here in Edinburgh.
Pop along for some crafted treats.

Monday, May 3, 2010

|:| Sin City |:|

I think this is the only reason I'd want
to visit Las Vegas.

|:| World Famous |:|

I just picked up the Supreme book from Russell.
It's a heavyweight volume alright.

|:| King Of Cups |:|

R.I.P Leslie Buck.