Thursday, August 19, 2010

|:| Joy |:|

Thurston Moore + Eva Prinz =
Ecstatic Peace Library.

|:| Triplets |:|

Luckily I'll be in Paris in when "3 + 1" is on.
This group show features Harmony Korine,
Dash Snow and Ryan McGinley in the Agn├Ęs B
space, Galerie Du Jour.
It runs until 9th November.

|:| Streets On Fire |:|

Steve Berra features in this trailer, shot in
Mexico, for "Burn Ignite". It is for an energy
drink but worth a little look although it does
remind me of this.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

|:| Hearing |:|

I'm really liking the AIAIAI Track headphones.

|:| Very Wood |:|

I'm off to Paris next month and will swing by
the Surface To Air store to check out the new
furniture they have in association with the very
talented Hansen Family and Steven Harrington.

|:| Fooling |:|

The Asia Society Museum in New York is
hosting a large exhibition by Yoshitomo Nara.
Beginning on September 9th it will feature
all sorts of works with paintings, drawings
and sculptures from the past 20 years.
To celebrate this Abrams Books is releasing
a new book of works called "Nobody's Fool".
A nice thing to pick up if you can't make
it to the exhibition.

|:| De Sign |:|

The TypArchive has some amazing signage
pictures on display at their site.
I might have to make some contributions.