Thursday, September 23, 2010

|:| Stoopid |:|

OHWOW have a nice new publication
from Ari Marcopoulos called "Stoopz".
I like.

|:| Throwing Shapes |:|

The gents at Kaplank Kapow are planning
an exhibition of skateboard shaping and art
called "Shape".
It's on 23rd October at Boarderline's beach
shop and if you're interested in getting involved
click here.

|:| Amazing |:|

If you want to watch the definition of craft,
watch Danny Cooke's short film about sign
writing master David A. Smith.

|:| You Must Create |:|

Many years ago I did work experience
in a studio where Phil Thomson worked.
He's handy with a mouse, shreds nae bad
and is all round a good guy. If I was in
Aberdeen on Thursday 30th September
I'd go to the Aberdeen Arts Centre to hear
him talk about Creative Cultures Scotland,
which he is involved with.

|:| Noisy |:|

J.S.B.J have a new publication out.
"Brut Du Fond Background Noise" is
released is launched in Paris tomorrow
with a party at Le Bal on Friday. Shame I'm
in Paris on Saturday.

|:| Cake Through The Heart |:|

An over 18 cake shop?
Correct, and it comes in the form of
Eat Your Heart Out in Hoxton (of course).
They are now stocking Batskull Biccies
courtesy of Pete Fowler. Tasty.
They kinda remind me a of a childhood nemesis.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

|:| Holes |:|

Over in New York the Half Gallery has a
new show by Geoff McFetridge called
"You Can't Put a Hat on a Hole in the Sky".
It runs until 15th October.

|:| Eames A Plenty |:|

Gestalten Verlag are releasing two healthy
volumes which I'm looking forward to.
"The Story Of Eames Furniture" looks
like a pretty thorough compendium of
the works of Charles and Ray Eames.
It's not cheap but looks amazing and you
can preview it here.

|:| Architecture |:|

If you're in London from the 24th September
to the 3rd of October you should pop along to
see "The Architects" show in the Atom Rooms.
It's hosted by Part2 and features work from
Pride, Fuel, Prime and G®T fave, SheOne.
Well worth a peek.

|:| L'exposition |:|

I'm in Paris next weekend and really keen
to check out the Takashi Murakami show
in the Palais De Versailles.
Nice review of it here.

|:| Yummy |:|

I'm liking these hopefully soon to be made
figures by London's Yum Yum.

|:| Steady Rolling |:|

Focus present Nike SB's Planet Caravan
tour which rolls into Edinburgh skatepark
on Thursday 23rd September.

Nice poster by my friend Tommy too.

|:| Change |:|

As part of the Edindocs Festival those creative
gents, Agents Of Change, are having a showing
a film of their Ghost Village Project.
It's on tomorrow (17th) as part of their evening session
starting at 6pm.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

|:| Zippy Planks |:|

How slick are these Otto Pops inspired boards
by Chocolate.

|:| Hanging On The Telephone |:|

I'm liking the style of "TELEPHONEME"
courtesy of studio MK12.
Watch it here.

|:| Normality |:|

As one door closes another one opens.
Analogue launches it's new show by
Dominic Wilcox called "Variations On Normal".
It runs until October 2nd.

|:| Your Type |:|

A new edition of 8 Faces is out and about
with more type based enjoyment.

|:| Festivities |:|

Well the lack of posts is because August is
just a super hectic time of year.
Some things seen this festival -

- Arj Barker
- Daniel Kitson
- Meow Meow
- Kevin Bridges
- Julian Couterau

And now back to the programme.