Thursday, November 11, 2010

|:| Board of Fashion |:|

I've never understood why people would
practice fingerboarding to this degree or
what market Herm├Ęs are possibly aiming
at here but for some reason the combination
and the lighting of this video do work nicely.
Possibly a rival to this preposterous
item L.V. made.

|:| Bleed It Dry |:|

Let It Bleed have audio masonry for the
Granite City on November the 26th with
the bricks supplied by dynamic duo
Carte Blanche and the mortar by my
friend and maybe yours, A La Fu.

|:| Gangbusters |:|

Shan Nicholson has another new film out.
"Rubble Kings" is NY based again but this
time around it features the gangs of the early
70's and how the violence transformed itself
into a more artistic creation we now refer to
as hip hop.

|:| A.H.W |:|

Seeing as there is a Joy Division link below
it seems fitting to link to a story about the
newly unveiled gravestone to Tony Wilson.
In typical Peter Saville/Factory style it's
three years too late. Read all about it here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

|:| Still |:|

This new Joy Division box set looks good.
"+-" has ten 7" singles, artwork and all their
output on CD's. Shame the Deluxe edition has
already sold out.

|:| Boared |:|

A couple of months ago I got a telling off
in a Parisian toy shop for picking up one
of David Weeks' great wooden animals.
His latest one is a pretty sweet looking
boar for Monocle.

|:| Curvature |:|

The ladies of Curvy have a new publication
planned, and this time the gents gets a show.
"Muscle Up" has a tonne of people involved
and I'm sure you'll like them.
Check it here.

|:| Buttery Slick |:|

I'm liking this example of functional packing
by Yeongkeun Jeong.

Monday, November 8, 2010

|:| 100 |:|

Edition One Hundred has a pretty nice exhibition on
now entitled "Delayed Gratification" which has a
glut of contributors including Martha Cooper
who took the shot above.

|:| J'adore NY |:|

Ok it's been all over the interpipes recently
but the Paris versus New York series is pretty
nice. You decide the winner.