Monday, January 31, 2011

|:| Conceptual |:|

Some very nice works from the concept artist
at my work, Ian McQue. Splendid.

|:| Centred |:|

A new book is out from Central Station showcasing
work that has been on the site since it set up.
You can download it here.

My profile is also viewable here.

|:| Sizing Up |:|

Soon to be in Edinburgh.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

|:| De-cipher |:|

I'm really liking the style of animation in
The Thomas Beale Cipher.
It's created by Andrew Allen and well worth
a look. Can you crack it?

|:| Play |:|

Sony's new NPG is looking pretty nice, and
pretty big. No point me describing it when
Kotaku have a proper breakdown of it here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

|:| Sailing |:|

Pretty impressive book to commenarate the
100 birthday of one of the world's most
famous tattoo artists, Norman Collins aka
Sailor Jerry. "Homeward Bound: The Life 
& Times of Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry" is
printed in pretty limited numbers and
available here.

|:| Noire |:|

Work have released the latest trailer for
our latest crime based game, "L.A. Noire".
Check it out here, it looks pretty amazing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

|:| Faest And Furious |:|

There's a new issue of Faesthetic out now
and it's lucky 13, the 10 year anniversary.

|:| Eh |:|

A week on Tuesday see's the launch night of
a new show, "A" by Remi/Rough and Steve More.
It's on from the 1st February until the 6th at
Blackhall Studios in London town.
Well worth a butchers hook!

|:| Apart |:|

February has more art but this time a little
closer to home.
Recoat over in Glasgow begin their first
show of 2011 with a group effort entitled
"Apartness". It features seven artists including
Erlend Tait whose work is shown above.
The show starts on the 4th February and runs
until the 6th March so head along and have a looksee.

|:| Merry Crassmas |:|

If you're in New York between 18th February
and the 18th March you should pop past the
Andrew Roth Gallery to see a show about
CRASS, titled "CRASS: Selections From The
Mott Collection". It's all been compiled by
artist, designer and punk collector Toby Mott.

|:| New Type |:|

The guys from Letterwerk have a nice new typeface.
"Carrosserie" is a 30's inspired font and I likey.

|:| Fly Away |:|

Always a treat to see some new Parra output
and these "Fly New" coffee tables he's created
for Toykyo are pretty interesting.
I'll take the black and white one of course.

|:| Save |:|

I find it hard to see (other than financially)
how Edinburgh Council can justify selling
off part of Inverleith Park to create
nine homes. It is a great and well used
park, with some amazing views of the
city and the prospect of some over-priced
housing occupying a corner of it just
isn't on frankly.
You can find out more about the park
and the project here.

|:| Alan Keys |:|

Yes, I am listening.

|:| Extra |:|

The gents from Kaplank Kapow are running
a video based competition where you are
asked to make an ordinary task seem like
an extraonrdinary one. The best one wins
a selection of items they've created over
the past year. Full details are here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

|:| Fusing |:|

I'm interested.

|:| 8 |:|

When I first started doing all this, these sites
looked like this -




Rift Trooper (the original and best)

Analogue Books

We Have A Problem (another favourite of the time)

Being Hunted


|:| That's Strange |:|

If this site just isn't enough for you then
may I suggest you have a look at the
newly re-designed site and ever excellent
posts of The Strange Attractor.

|:| Issues |:|

David Carson has a new magazine in production
and just to enforce the point it's called "Carson Mag".

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

|:| NYC |:|

Supreme have a new pictorial site with shots
of product, skateboarding, campaigns and ladies.
Check it out here.

|:| Craft |:|

To announce the launch of their new album,
"Factory Craft", FOUND will be doing a
release show in The Voodoo Rooms on
Thursday 3rd March. Be there or be 12" square.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

|:| Words And Pictures |:|

Pretty impressive typographic carvings
in books by Isaac Salazar.

|:| Mm.. Food? |:|

This special edition "Operation Doomsday"
box set by Sones Throw looks pretty amazing.
All housed in a nice lunch box.

|:| Written Sole |:|

Yes I do want this Dunk SB book.

|:| Sidewalk Surfing |:|

I'm not sure about the shape but I do
like the design by Andrew Holder for
Thalia surfshop.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

|:| Y |:|

"My Dear Bomb" is a new autobiography
by Yohji Yamamoto. It's released by Belgian
publisher Ludion.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

|:| Crazy |:|

The Maharishi store in London is now
selling their new collaborative figures
from Michael Lau.

|:| Murals |:|

Artsh.IT has a new DVD featuring the work
of Blu. Should be pretty interesting, shame the
signed edition has sold out.

|:| Twist |:|

A nice little video of Barry McGee drawing
and painting on a trip to Brazil last year.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

|:| Victory Laps |:|

The latest instalment of the Stones Throw
podcasts opens with some new music from
Madvillain. Just incase you're into that sort
of audio based entertainment.

|:| Be Seated |:|

One day.

|:| Pictures On Walls |:|

I'm pleased to see Hatje Cantz Verlag are
releasing a book of new works by José Parlá.
"Walls, Diaries and Paintings" will be released
this coming February.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

|:| Thievery |:|

Some great Lego based animation in this
short film, "The Brick Thief".

|:| Legacy |:|

Just back from seeing TRON: Legacy and it
was really pretty good.
I would definitely recommend it in 3D.
There's so much press out there already I needn't
add any more, just go and enjoy.

|:| Underart |:|

I'm looking forward to seeing the full
unveiling of the The Underbelly Project.
In the means time Vandalog has some good
pictures and an explanation of the project
which is better than I can write and better
than I could ever take, you'll know why.

|:| Kraffty |:|

More porcelain sculpting by Charles Krafft and
this time it's a skateboard. Not exactly practical
and coming in at $2,500 not exactly cheap.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

|:| Shred |:|

Transworld have a review up of 2010 and
there's plenty of good trickery on show.

|:| Heroes |:|

The trailer for JR's "Women Are Heroes" is out.

|:| XXV |:|

FTC go into their 25th year of steady rolling.

|:| Poo Pooed |:|

Clever re-creation of Guess Who? by Quinky Art.

|:| Return |:|

Looks like Silas are now back in Europe and
planning a new London shop. Nice.

|:| Echo Echo |:|

I received Edan's "Echo Party" DVD as a Christmas
gift and it's pretty impressive, if a not a bit bonkers.
The footage is compiled by Tom Fitzgerald and if
you're unaware of the mix there's more info here
and a trailer of the movie is here.

|:| Blocked In |:|

More amazing blocks by House Industries
for Herman Miller. Unfortunately it's only
available in Japan only.

|:| Going Going |:|

The new edition of the All Gone series is out soon.
Once again the "street culture" review is quite a volume
and comes with a nubuck cover.
It's due to be released in late January.