Sunday, February 27, 2011

|:| Deep Space |:|

"Selene" is an audio project between NY based
producer Max Tannone with vocals courtesy of
Richard Rich. The concept of the project is all
based around Duncan Jones' film, "Moon".
If that sounds up your street you can download
it from mission control here.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

|:| Pixel Perfect |:|

From March 16th until September 30th,
the Smithsonian in Washington are holding
and exhibition entitled "The Art Of Video Games".
Looks interesting but surprised nothing from work
is featured.

|:| Crafty |:|

Very clever work from Ribbonesia.

|:| Do The Do |:|

Aberdeen's DO IT! crew have another shindig
featuring some audio from artists on Norwegian
label, Dødpop. Beatbully, Mekelvein and Sprutbass
all play live with the DO IT! djs and visuals from
the mighty M.O.C. It all goes down in Snafu on
March 4th from 8pm until lam.

|:| Liquid Liquid |:|

"Liquidated Version" is the new show in
New York's De Buck Gallery but French art
vandal and logo terrorist Zevs.
It runs until April.

|:| It's A Robot Thing |:|

Following on from last years Lagerfeld bottle
here come the Daft Punk edition Coke.

Monday, February 14, 2011

|:| Wonderful |:|

Japanese architects Wonderwall have been
exhibiting models of some of their interior
design archive.
It's currently in Fukuoka and ends  it's tour
at the Nagoya Parco. I'm in Japan in March
and am going to try and check it.
In the means time DesignBoom have an
article on the show that is pretty concise
so you should check it out here.

|:| Royalty |:|

"The King Of Limbs" is the new album by
Radiohead and released this Saturday.

|:| Stormy |:|

I must admit I'm not too into the song
but the visual style of the video for
"Eye Of The Storm".
There is a nice write u about it here.

|:| Lo |:|

Good for summer?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

|:| Give It Some Bass |:|

Who wouldn't want to go to an exhibition
of the film posters of Saul Bass.
Well if you live in London the Kemistry
gallery is the place for you as a show of
that very work is on as of the 17th February.
It runs until 17th March.

|:| Quest |:|

Maybe not for me, but...

|:| B |:|

"B Movie" - a film about Banksy.
That's it.

|:| Artt |:|

Carhartt have enlisted the work of Grotesk
for their new collection and no wonder, his
work is always good.

|:| Super |:|

Superclub is the studio, gallery and shop housing
the likes of Ross Christie and Sarah Muirhead.
It's located just a hop, skip and jump away from
G®T HQ at 11a Gayfield Square, which is next to
the old Doggerfisher.
In March they have a new show from Lachlann Rattray
called "Stelath Cowboy". If you like his work then
there is plenty time to check it as the show runs
from 12th March until 24th May.

|:| New |:|

 The newly resurrected Grafik magazine is now out
and available at the newly re-housed Analogue.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

|:| Call Of The Wild |:|

Neil has a splendid site and has kindly
added some works of yesteryear by
your truly. Check WLD/WLVS here.
Cheers fella.

|:| Dark Thoughts |:|

In a weird act of coincidence, it was only today
I was thinking about what had happened to
The Strokes, I actually assumed they were no
more what with the solo ventrues etc.
Not really looking into it too much I was surprised
when I found out that they are giving a away their
new single, "Under Cover Of Darkness" online
and for 48 hours only (until all the blogs keep giving
it away I assume).

You can get hold of it here.

|:| Print Production |:|

The WWF, a new file format for the environment.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

|:| Targeted |:|

Steven Harrington's work just gets
bigger and bigger and his latest project
for Target looks amazing.
There's a video of it here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

|:| Love In |:|

A Love Letter For You documentary, nice one.

|:| Post All Bills |:|

Billboards For Everyone.

|:| Desk Space #1 |:|


|:| D Three |:|

Tristan Eaton has a new book coming soon
featuring a bunch of artworks which have
been altered for 3D look.
"The 3D Art Book" is released in Spring 2011.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

|:| High Heel Sneakers |:|

For the ladies.

|:| More And More |:|

There are new pictures of the latest Insa show,
"More", at Upper Playground's website.

|:| Dip Set |:|

Diplo is showing up everywhere now.
A far cry from "Sound And Fury".

|:| Edition #2 |:|

The new Analogue Books should be open
on Monday 7th. It'll now be serving your
visual needs just around the corner from
the old shop at 39 Candlemaker Row.

|:| Gummy wears |:|

Yes thank you.

|:| Eek |:|

Rastamouse, keeping kids Irie on the BBC.

|:| Cloggins |:|

Pass the Nike Dutch's!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

|:| Legendary |:|

Hubba Hideout R.I.P.
One of the most famous skate spots in
the world is no more.
If you're unfamiliar check it out here.

|:| Mixtures |:|

A new minimix of the forthcoming
Kitsuné compilation is up on their
site. The new volume is compiled
by André and Gildas Loaec.