Saturday, April 23, 2011

|:| Pet Sounds |:|

The musical almanac Andy Votel has
compiled a mix for Oi Polloi called
"Futen Carmen meets Keizer Ketchup".
Typical Votel goodness it's well worth
a download.

|:| Pre-Formatted |:|

Format Perspective is a new film by Philip Evans
featuring a cast of skateboarding photographers
and exploring their working lives and methods.
It's got a host of Euro lensman including another
former 'rurie escapee Alex Irvine.
Long gone are the days of Prime Meat, St. Andrews
car park and the Safeways gap.

|:| Young Team |:|

The Little Kicks have released a new single
out called "Call Of Youth" and the bonus is 
it's up for free download.
They also have a Scottish tour planned and
the dates and locations can be seen here.
Nice logo by the way.

|:| X |:|

Focus celebrates it's 10 year anniversary this year
and will some special birthday treats.
In the means time pop over to their site and
pick yourself some summery goods for when
the rain finally departs.

|:| Real Thing |:|

James Jarvis for Coke.
Hong Kong only though by the looks of things.

|:| You Two |:|

Ty Evans' new short, "The Twins" features
Pierce and Chris Brunner who are both pretty
incredible on a shred stick for their 12 years
on this planet.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

|:| Human After All |:|

EMI have created a selection of EBay auctions to aid Japan. It includes a host of signed items including the Ferrari which Daft Punk drove in Electroma.
Get your bid on here.

|:| Hell Cat |:|

This nice little Cat candle from designer 
Thorunn Arnadaottir holds a menacing
surprise within.

|:| No Fooling |:|

The latest issue of Frank 151 is out soon
and is a special Fools Gold edition.
If you can't wait for the physical version
you can get the download here.

|:| Cartoons Don't Kill People |:|

Major Lazer, coming soon to Adult Swim.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

|:| In For A Penny |:|

I suppose some people like long boards so  it
makes sense for Penny Skateboards to make
banana board shapes.
Not sure how feasable they'd be in Scotland.

|:| Lively |:|

Ok calling one of my first posts in a while Lively
isn't exactly a good reflection of activity
here at G®T HQ but it's been a month or
so what with work and being away.
Anyways, the 'tini and me were away for
a wee bit and on the corner of the block
next to our hotel was a little gallery space
which was hosting  a pretty impressive
show of works by Mark Bodé, Dr. Revolt,
Jean 13 and Stan 153.
The gallery is joint onto Brooklyn Tattoo
and called Urban Folk Art, worth a look.

|:| OneOneThreeThree |:|

Friday 15th sees the opening of "1133",
the new show by Elph. It's in Recoat in
Glasgow and runs until 10th of May.

|:| Trophy Art |:|

A show that has just started in The Landsdowne 
in Glasgow is "Trophies" by the talented
Stuart Simpson aka Fledgeling. Well worth a visit
if your in the neck of the woods.

|:| Peaking |:|

Next Saturday (16th) Analogue have a book signing and talk by Nigel Peake for his new book, "In The Wilds".
The book signing  is from 1-5pm and  the talk is from 7.30
Should be worth a look (you know what I could have said).

|:| Set Sails |:|

I'm liking these cork boats by Swiss designers Big Game.

|:| Stiched Beats |:|


I recall many moons ago FOUND had a sewing
machine based audio project but Martin Messier
has taken it even further with his very own