Tuesday, June 28, 2011

|:| Dark And Light |:|

RockGroup™dark knight sheOne not only
has work in the "Rudimentary Perfection"
show at Recoat but he also has works in the
Opus Gallery in Newcastle. Both open Friday.

|:| Numero Uno |:|

A few years ago the 'Tini and me were in
Berlin and picked up a little teepee and some
art from Steven Harrington.
Now you can pick up your own version here.

|:| It's All Wood |:|

The Yod character by James Jarvis looks
pretty styling in wood. Only 30 made so
good luck.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

|:| Yes Yes |:|

Nicely shot and executed video for the
new Memory Tapes single "Yes I Know".

|:| Where My Dogs At |:|

Up in Aberdeen Stray Dog presents
a photographic exhibition by local,
Kieran McCruden in Bar 99.
It opens on 23rd June and runs until
the 21st July.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

|:| Not Right |:|

Quite simply, Wrongboarding.
Courtesy of Kaplank Kapow.

|:| Wonder |:|

On the 30th June The Red Door Gallery
are opening a new show by German born,
Edinburgh based illustrator Mina Braun.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

|:| Perfect |:|

Over in Glasgow "Rudimentary Perfection"
is the forthcoming show in Recoat.
It's organized by Mark Lyken and opens
on 1st July from 7-10pm.
It's a pretty healthy lineup of artists which
include SheOne, Mr. Jago, Augustine Kofie,
and 'burgh local, Derm.

|:| Such As Like |:|

More art from Such And Such studio
with a new show from Jamie Johnson
and Al White.
"Anomal" runs until 19th June.

|:| Delight |:|

The excellent Broughton Deli has
another art show on which opens
tomorrow (9th June) and features
the art of Lindsey Brown.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

|:| Future Past |:|

A new video of the late but great
RAMM:ELL:ZEE from the "Art
In The Streets" show in L.A.

|:| Kidding |:|

A new video from Mike Ladd, "My Kidz".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

|:| Sitting On Krome |:|

I'm liking the look of "Monokrome", a book
of black and white sketches, line art and other
media by a worldwide selection of graffiti
writers including Remi/Rough, Inkie,
System and Kofie. It's on pre-order at the
moment over here.

|:| Supra Dupra |:|

This Tuesday the Supra team hit
Edinburgh skate park for what is
bound to be a session worth checking.
The team coming has all the big
timers on Supra including Muska
and Tom Penny.
Focus have the full details here.

|:| Doomsday Box |:|

Akomplice clothing have teamed up
with (MF) Doom to produce a small
which contains, well, your guess is
as good as mine?
The box comes nailed shut and has
it's own little crowbar to open it if
you manage to get hold of one when
it launches in a couple of days.