Sunday, July 17, 2011

|:| Central |:|

Center Of Attention.
Quite simply a collection of record labels.
What's not to like.

|:| Push It |:|

More skateboarding stuff and this time
a new film by Florian Schneider called
"Pushed" which features the influence
riding a skateboard has had on their lives
as well as their art. It focuses on Adam Sello,
Pontus Alv, Stefan Marx and one of my
all time favourites, Bobby Puleo.
The trailer can be seen here and
Skate Malmö has a good write up
on it over here.

|:| X |:|

To celebrate it's tenth anniversary Focus
are throwing a wee shindig this Thursday
and have created a special edition t-shirt
and print courtesy of my friend Tommy.
It starts at 7.30 but space is limited so
get on it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

|:| Boredom |:|

Other Criteria are having a sale of decks that
Damien Hirst has created for Supreme over
the years. The difference being Hirst has also
drawn on these versions.
If you fancy one,  online cheque books at the
ready from this Wednesday (13th).

|:| Marketing |:|

Next Friday (15th) The Fruitmarket Gallery
is hosting a DesignMarket which will feature
a host of locals selling their wares in various
mediums. It  opens at 5pm on Friday and runs
until Sunday 17th and would be well worth
a peek I'm sure.

|:| Eye Ply |:|

I like the use of old decks to create these
sunglasses by the Vuerich brothers.
Shame their site doesn't seem to work.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

|:| Rest In Panini's |:|